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Alex Kowtun

- Branding Expert - Entrepreneur - Writer - Pilot - Lifestyle Content Creator -

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Social Media & Branding Expert,  Creator of Monkey In Paradise Vodka,  Writer, Avid Pilot, Viral Content Creator, and Media Personality

Alex has 1M+ Followers on his social platforms and has been featured in Forbes, Daily Mail, FLYING Magazine, ESPN Radio, and major TV Networks. His latest projects include business development for selling jet charter flights and the launch of a new vodka brand, InverXion Vodka.

Meet Alex Kowtun, the maestro of luxury branding and lifestyle content creation, whose unparalleled expertise has transformed him into an icon of opulence. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an innate understanding of the digital realm, Kowtun has mastered the art of propelling products and brands into the stratosphere through the potent combination of social media and innovative content creation. Draped in sophistication, Kowtun's journey to eminence is marked by the cultivation of a distinctive personal brand and an authoritative online presence.


Alex Kowtun envisions a world where luxury brands are synonymous with unparalleled sophistication and innovation. With a keen understanding of marketing, digital media, business development, events, content production, aviation, and sales, Alex aspires to redefine the standards of luxury branding. Through a seamless fusion of expertise and creativity, the vision is to craft an elevated narrative that not only showcases the epitome of luxury but also resonates with a global audience. Alex aims to be the face of luxury brands, embodying the essence of exclusivity and refinement, while contributing to the evolution of the luxury industry through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking campaigns.


Alex Kowtun's mission is to serve as the ultimate luxury branding spokesmodel, leveraging a wealth of experience across diverse industries to elevate the perception of high-end products and services. By seamlessly integrating marketing prowess, digital media acumen, and a proven track record in business development, events, content production, aviation, and sales, Alex is committed to amplifying the allure of luxury brands. The mission involves cultivating an iconic personal brand that reflects sophistication and authenticity while strategically aligning with prestigious luxury labels.


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